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S@niors project is addressing the specific needs of the older population in relation to ICT.


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This website has been developed under the project S@niors - Digital Engagement of Senior Citizens that has been funded with the support of European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

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About the project

It is never too late to learn ICT...

It is widely recognised that ICT contributes to improving the quality of everyday life and social participation of people, facilitating access to information, media, content and services. But very often older people are not perceived and don’t perceive themselves as members of the Information Society. But with the growing access to many essential services like social care, health care, security and community engagement through the Internet the issue of digital engagement of senior citizens becomes very important. Moreover, the Internet is becoming a great platform for social interaction with its modern web 2.0 tools. But older people need a slightly different approach to learning ICT. And that is where the S@niors project wants to play its role.

The project aims at addressing the specific needs of the older population in relation to ICT by designing innovative training programmes and curricula specifically targeting the elderly population. These curricula will be cognisant of their learning capacity, will concentrate on imparting necessary skills for engagement in the Information Society, will require no prior knowledge and will be delivered in a relaxed, informal and fun environment. This training programme will help seniors to develop the practical computer literacy needed to participate in the new technological era. Moreover, an innovative learning tool will be established in a form of a social network website recalling life experiences both past and present of our older population. Not surprisingly it was be entitled My Past My Present.


Adult Learner Festival Events for Seniors

As part of AONTAS Adult Learners Festival 2010there will be three information sessions for Seniors held in venues in Dublin on 24 and 25 Feb 2010.

Blanchardstown Library - FIT will hold an information session on the internet and social networking for Seniors on wed 24th Feb 2010 from 10am to lunchtime

Terenure Library - Terenure Enterpise Centre and Terenure Active IT Society will hold information workshops on the internet including and introduction to email, internet, skype… Continue

Posted by Host on February 19, 2010 at 13:30

Terenure Enterprise Center Presentation

A group of adult learners at the Terenure Enterprise Center who are taking part in the Seniors Project were awarded Certificates of membership of My Past My Present.

Posted by Host on November 22, 2009 at 18:30


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